Monday, July 18, 2011

Azacycles company introduces intelligent nanobots of the 1st generation

PRAGUE (July 18th, 2011): The first generation of an intelligent nanocarriers, so called nanobots has been introduced by Azacycles (Kladno, Czech Republic). The final technology crosses into its second generation phase. What are the benefits of the technology? The nanobots are created by hollow highly hydrophilic spherical nanoparticles with polysaccharide fully covalent skeletons. The technology allows the production of hollow spherical nanoparticles of the following parameters: outer diameter ranging from 35 – 20000 nm,
mono to trimolecular thickness of the skeleton wall, high sphericity index approaching 1, polydispersity index approaching 1, diffusion holes according to the used synthesis components ranging from 0.1 – 4.5 nm2,
levels of radial and diagonal cross-links ranging from 1.5 – 3.0, extraordinarily broad scope of biodegradability and metabolisability in the organism according to the used structure of saccharide units and method of their covalent link (e.g. type of glycoside). The products of metabolisation in the extracellular environment are only saccharides and oligosaccharides, selective functionalizability of the inner and outer wall in the production process (so-called nanoparticles may have specific functional groups or reactive groups directed (protruding) inside the cavity).